Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Thou that thought
Through a dazzled morning
Of dying birds

Your pale skin 
Still sunken by a grey moonlight
Reflection of an inner sun
That once was...

Hear! Hear! The glorious sons
Came back

But their spirit stayed afar
And whilst they tried to
Fight evil with hope

They killed so a thousand
New demons could rise
To slaughter our empty shells

Friday, May 11, 2012


Hard Stone cracked
Soul stripped of Life
Eyes bled of Blood

Passion died
Robot-like will to Dominate
Crush, step on Them
Make others Suffer

Guilty of Living
Vengeance fell upon the Weak
No Heart, no Spirit
Only Flesh that Kills

Your Voice a Gun
Your Body a Tank
Your gotta Win
Make Mum & Pa proud

Buy a cute Puppy
For your Baby Girl
Your Hands lay Ruin
To countless Victims

God of a World
Empty of Hope
Carry the Torch of Hate
Through the Path of Torture

You crushed their Life
You crushed their Lives
You crushed Life

Inner Culture: Pale Grey Tree

Inner Culture: Pale Grey Tree: Its roots lay besieged The water that once ran deep below Was redirected to a distant place Unknown, invisible forces Work fro...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Data-Related Soul Crash

Mind filled with corrupted data
Injected with malicious, infected
Psychological information

Your soul fucked through
Massive SQL infection

God sends hate-filled packets
From above
Skies rain data bullets
Down your crushed, empty skull

Right-wing invoked, heavy
Torrents of cyborg attacks
Activating unprotected brain ports
DDOSing your nervous system
Robothrashing your
Depleted uraniumized, colourless mind

Soul decalibrated as your
Mental state's totally ruined
You're doomed, bro!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mind Renewal

Memory cleansed
Temp files archived and purged
Spirit emptied of the weight
Of things to do
Of things to think
Of things to say

New set of processes invoked
Upgraded state of the soul
Light shines through
The grey clouds of emptiness

Updated architecture
Makes room for
A new path, a new target

Inner sun is reborn
Hope without religion
Purity of vision
Unaltered by external signals

Inner moon is reborn
Spirituality without dogma
Purity of thought
Unaltered by external entities

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Internal Mind Configuration through Remote Mass Data Injection

Heart fully loaded with core input feeds
Emotions grids implanted, upgrade complete
Mind stabilized in post-installation state
Corrective measures applied successfully

Thoughts geared to connect with instruction sequences
Sent through the main satellite data server
Cosmic waves are received, translated to micro-code
Binary scripts are transformed and loaded

Remotely guided subject ready to be activated
Brain port 6855 open to signal sent by the military
Altering testosterone level to control
Counter-productive revolt-inclined sentiments

Decrease blood stream to suppress passion
Lower heart rate to achieve stability
Downgrade brain waves to shut down unwanted processes

Subject now poses no threat to system maintenance
Subject has been migrated to Human V4.8, Patch 23rd
Subject configured to serve blindly
Subject willing to die willfully
Subject ready for slavery
Subject = state client
Subject <= NULL

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Main Process Core Dump

…Workstation activated

…Workstation Secure State confirmed

...Local Secured Connection invoked

...Local Secured Connection established

...Local Secured Connection confirmed

...Remote Secured Connection invoked

...Remote Secured Connection established

...Remote Secured Connection confirmed

...Implant package transfer initiated

...Implant package transfer completed

...Implant scripts invoked

...Implant instructions launched

...Implant instructions failed

...Unprocessed error encountered

...Child Process Core Dump